At Yoshitha, we provide global services in property management and investments that are hassle-free and can be managed from the comfort of your homes. We work very closely with our customers through every step to help you in investments, management and related services with regards to properties in India as NRIs.

As per the RBI’s rules and regulations, an NRI can buy both residential and commercial properties in India. There is no requirement of gaining any special permission, nor are there any limitations as to how many properties an NRI can purchase. The income tax laws also favour NRIs. When an NRI is unable to come to India, he/she can give a Power of Attorney to another person who can execute the deal on his/her behalf.

Who is a Non-Resident Indian (NRI)?

According to the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA), an NRI is a citizen of India who is a resident outside India. FEMA is the act which governs the purchase of Indian real estate by NRIs.

Who is a Person of Indian Origin (PIO)?

Who is an Overseas Citizen of India (OCI)?

Who can purchase immovable property in India?

Can an NRI / PIO buy agricultural land / plantation property / farmhouses in India?

What is the tax treatment for income generated by renting or selling property, for NRI / PIO / OCI?

Do NRI / PIO / OCI have to file returns in India for their property rental income and capital gains tax?

How does the Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement (DTAA) work in the context of tax on income and Capital Gains tax paid in India by NRIs?

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